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The University of Alaska Fairbanks, a Land, Sea, and Space Grant institution, currently serves over 8500 students through its multi-campus system and various learning centers throughout the state. Three campuses are located in Fairbanks, the Fairbanks campus which houses the major administrative units of the UAF system, the UAF Community and Technical College which provides vocational and technical training and the Interior-Aleutians Campus which provides degree and special educational programs to communities in the Interior and the Aleutians. Other community campuses, located in Dillingham, Bethel, Nome and Kotzebue, provide a range of services and programs in their respective regions. Units such asCooperative Extension Service, Marine Advisory Program and the Center for Distance Education provide unique learning opportunities throughout the state and beyond.

Students at UAF study a broad array of programs – from welding to rocket science. Although many of UAF students are traditional students right out of high school, the majority of our students are older, nontraditional students, often taking classes while working or raising families. Consequently some students take just a course or two, while many others are studying for certificates, undergraduate, Master's or Ph.D. degrees. To meet the needs of such a diverse student body, UAF employs a competent and dedicated faculty.

The following documents are fundamental to planning at UAF. These documents should be cited in the framing of proposals for new program development, budget initiatives, memoranda of agreement, etc.

The following documents will give you an idea as to how the UA System, as well as UAF, is organized.

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