Annual Activities Reporting

AARs covering the 2012-13 academic year are due October 2, 2013.

All faculty at UAF shall prepare an Annual Activities Report.  The requirement for annual reporting of professional activities has been in place at UAF since 1989, and is in accordance with provisions as outlined in the UAF Policies and Regulations for the Appointment of Faculty and in Article 9.2 of the United Academics Collective Bargaining Agreement, and Article 5.3 UAFT Collective Bargaining Agreement.

If you are applying for promotion, tenure or participating in a comprehensive post-tenure review in the AY2013-14 cycle, you are not required to submit the Annual Activities Report.  Instead, you will complete a Comprehensive Activities Report.

Report your professional activities for the time period July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013 on the tabular form and submit it to your dean or director by October 2, 2013. (CES Faculty use a slightly different form -- click here). See the schedule for more details.

In addition to the tabular form, you are asked to submit a self-evaluation, which is an important part of the report process. It should assess your success or difficulty in meeting expectations identified in your workload plan. An updated curriculum vita is also requested. Evaluative feedback may be provided at the discretion of your dean or director.

For information consult your dean or director or contact Sally Skrip in the Office of the Provost at 474-5178.

Faculty180 is now live, as announced on the September 6, 2013 memorandum from Provost Susan Henrichs Henrichs and Eric Madsen, Faculty180 Implementation Project Manager.

Faculty180 link:

Faculty180 guide for completing the AAR.

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