Faculty 180

New Faculty180 Help Videos

Data180 has recently added new Facutly180 help videos to guide faculty members as they use the system. The following videos have been added to the Help Videos section on the Faculty180 homepage:

  • An Overview of Faculty180
  • Faculty Input
  • Collect Citations from Other Databases
  • Importing Citations into Faculty180
  • Importing Citations into Faculty180 using MEDLINE/PubMed

Data180 announces the release of new videos

Importing Citations into Faculty180

After logging in, go to:

My Data tab > Activity Input Form

Scroll to section 6, "Research, Scholarly and other Creative Activity"

Select "Add"

In the Input Form, select the "?" icon (screenshot below)

Please also note that Karen Jensen, Collection Development Officer, Rasmuson Library, has done extensive work on locating and importing citations.   Interested faculty may contact Karen at x6695 or kljensen@alaska.edu

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