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Below is a list of UAF Procurement & Contract Services solicitations currently in process. For more information on a particular
solicitation, and a link to download a full-text copy in pdf file format, click on the solicitation number below.

To download a solicitation you will be prompted to fill out a form. Please complete the form and submit it for our records.
You may then download the solicitation file as an Adobe Portfolio or Adobe pdf.

Formal Solicitations (IFB/RFP/RFI)

IFB/RFP No. Description Status
16P0013JH Lecture Capture Video Platform Review Process
16P0014MG Mail Service UAS Juneau Campus Intent to Award
16P0012MOB Public Awareness Campaign for the University of Alaska Statewide System. Review Process
16P0010MOB Benefits Consulting Services Review Process
16P0011MG Pumping & Transport of Wastewater/Sewage for Toolik Field Station Intent to Award
16P0009MG Patented 7-Pin SFIC System Intent to Award
16P0008MOB Life Insurance, Long-term Disability Insurance and Flexible Spending Accounts Administration Services Intent to Award
16P0002SRS Enhanced PolarExpress Campus Card Services Intent to Award
16B0007JH Dredging to Remove Material Left During the 2012 & 2013 Floods Near UAF''s Seward Marine Center Intent to Award
16P0006MG Maintenance Services - UAF Rural Campuses Intent to Award
16P0005MG Snow Removal Services - Juneau Intent to Award
16P0001SAS System Wide Telecommunications Services Intent to Award
15B0017MG Propane Delivery Services Intent to Award
15P0019SAS 2015 Alaska Satellite Facility Data Storage Project Intent to Award
15P0018MG Maintenance Services - UAF Extended Sites Intent to Award
15P0016SRS Cost Transparency/Patient Advocacy Services Intent to Award
15P0015MG Air-Cooled Condensing System Intent to Award
15P0009JH Services Required for the One-Year Warranty Dry Dock and Dockside Availability for the R/V Sikuliaq Intent to Award
15Q0027SAS IT Governance Review/Business Process Improvement Awarded
15P0011SAS HR Recruitment Software Replacement Intent to Award
15P0008SRS UAF Dining Services Intent to Award
15P0003MG Janitorial Services - UAF Extended Sites Awarded
15P0007SRS Commercial Printing Services Review Process
15P0001SAS Customer Relationship Management Software System Intent to Award
15P0006MG Janitorial Services - UAF Chukchi Campus Awarded
15P0005SAS Consulting Services-Financial Advisor in connection with general revenue bond issues & debt issues as specified. Awarded
15P0004JH Manufacture and Installation of a Replacement A-Frame for R/V Sikuliaq Intent to Award
15B0002MG Underground Pre-Insulated Pipe Awarded
14P0012MG Steam Turbine Generator Intent to Award
14B0011MG Hazardous Waste Material Removal Services Intent to Award
14B0009JH Fuel Brokerage Services for R/V Sikuliaq Awarded
14B0010JH Cable, MC Type 15KV Awarded
14P0007SAS Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Software Replacement Project Awarded
14P0005MG Medium Voltage Transformers Awarded
14Q0032MG Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers Intent to Award
14P0004JH Space Utilization Planning and Consulting Services Awarded
14P0002TR Power Converter Awarded
14P0003MOB UA Safety Training Software Awarded
14P0001JH Off-Campus Janitorial Services for UAF Locations in or near Fairbanks Awarded
Intent to Award
Intent to Award
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