Archived Solicitations

Below is a list of UAF Procurement & Contract Services solicitations from FY10. For more information on a particular
solicitation, and a link to download a full-text copy in pdf file format, click on the solicitation number below.

To download a solicitation you will be prompted to fill out a form. Please complete the form and submit it for our records.
You may then download the solicitation file as a .pdf.

Formal Solicitations (IFB/RFP/RFI)

IFB/RFP No. Description Status
12P0003SAS SRC Solar Panel Project - No bid offers received. Cancelled
12P0003SAS PRE-SOLICITATION: SRC Solar Panel Project Cancelled
12B007SE Sale of FCC Authorized Construction Permit for Radio Facility Awarded
11B0019CAW Power Conditioning-3 Phase UPS Awarded
11P0018TR Drilling Services at Pilgrim Hot Springs (PHS) Cancelled
11P0014RD UAF Residence Sleep/Study Rooms Semi-Annual Cleaning Awarded
11P0016CAW Pumping & Transport of Wastewater/Sewage for Toolik Field Station Awarded
11P0013CAW Residential Hall Dorm Furniture Awarded
11P0012SAS Information Security Audit Awarded
11P0009CAW Medium Voltage Plant Transformer Awarded
11P0010TR Employee Medical Exams Awarded
11P0004RD UAF Power Plant Superheater Tubing Replacement Boilers #1 & #2 Awarded
11B0008SAS Higher Education IT & Research Requirements Contracts Awarded
11B0011SRS Beverage Vending Services Awarded
11P0007CAW Medium Voltage Switchgear Awarded
11P0006RD Janitorial Services - UAF Off Campus Facilities Awarded
11P0002SRS UA Employee Benefits Awarded
11P0003TR Research Vessel for the Juneau Center School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Awarded
11P0001RD Janitorial Services UAF Campus Awarded
10B0006SAS Videoconferencing Infrastructure & Endpoints Awarded
10B0001TR SRC Exercise Equipment Cancelled
09B0034SAS Hazardous Waste Materials Removal Services Awarded
10P0005RD Tool Carrier/Loader Awarded
09B0033SAS ASF SAR Data Center Storage Capacity Project Awarded
10P0004SRS Executive Search Services Awarded
10B0018SRS Snack Vending Services for the UAF Campus Awarded
10P0015RM Secured Courier Services Awarded
10P0010SAS Telecommunication Services Awarded
10P0014SAS External Compliance Review of Current University Policies and Procedures on Certification of Activity on Federal Awards (Effort Certification) Awarded
10P0013SRS Benefits Consulting Services Awarded
10P0011CW Residence Hall Lounge Furniture Intent to Award
10P0009SAS Telephone Switch Procurement Project Cancelled
10P0008SAS Integrated Research Supercomputer System (IRSS) Awarded
10P0007RD Janitorial Services UAF SFOS Kodiak FITC Awarded
09P0017JH Construction of the Alaska Region Research Vessel (ARRV) Awarded
09P0012TR Digital Television Services and Emergency Alert System (EAS) for Residence Facilities on the UAF Main Campus Awarded
10B0017SRS Beverage Vending Services for the UAF Campus Cancelled
11P0003TR Research Vessel for the Juneau Center School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Awarded
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