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Current Solicitations

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Listing of Solicitations for UAF: Commodities and Services

Listing of Solicitations for Design and Construction: A&E Construction


Complete solicitation documents for 2013 projects are available in electronic form. They may be viewed online and downloaded without charge and without deposit from If software/website technical assistance is needed please call toll free 888 320-3032. Bidders/Offerors must register through the web site to be notified of addenda. Solicitation documents (for this project only) are not available directly from this website but you will be redirected or linked to Downloaded files may be printed freely on vendor’s equipment. Vendors are responsible for their own reproduction costs.

Please go to to download any current 2013 solicitations, for distribution to your employees. No hard copies will be sent. Addenda to the project will be posted on the website. The bidder/offeror is responsible for periodically checking the site. 

Solicitation Boilerplate