UAF Police Building Access Request Form

This is primarily for people who are in buildings after our Community Service Officers lock up each night or need to have us provide access to a room or building.  We do not require employees who have their own access (key or swipe card) to their own building and room to submit a request. Those that will not be there after we lock up buildings do not need to submit a request.

This requires 3 working days ( M-F)  to process. All approved extended requests terminate at the end of each semester and must be submitted again for the next term. Regularly scheduled classes should be submitted to the appropriate scheduling office for access and this form should not be used.

You must be logged on to your UA google account to view and access the form. Non UA affiliated individuals must have a UA sponsor to request after hours or special access. If you have problems with the form, trying using Firefox and make sure you fill out each required box before submitting. You will receive a confirmation notice when a request is successfully submitted.

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