Bike Love


3 Steps to Ensure Your Bike Won't Leave You:


- Lock It

Use a Good Lock - or better yet- two Good Locks

Lock the Frame to an Immovable Object

Do Not Lock Only the Wheel, or any part of the Wheel Forks/Suspension

Lock it in a Good Area

Bike Racks are Great Place- IF they are in Front of the Dorms and not by Dumpsters.

Bike Racks in Isolated Areas should be AVOIDED


- Check on It

Check on it as often as you can- even if not using it

Do not leave your bike alone for long periods of time- like over the Summer- or it will leave you!

Loan it out? Better really trust that person to love it like you do!


- Register It

Bring your Bike and Polar Express Card to the University Police Department

Register your bike and get a neat sticker for it.

Bikes like stickers!


Unloved!!!!! Is this even still a Bike?




"I am sure it will be there when I get back"

No Lock at all!


The rack will babysit it!


Bad Location in General


Bad Location to Leave Overnight- or During Vacation!

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