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A Business Insider article recently listed the top 20 highest-paying majors.  Guess which majors made the cut.


David Newman on NPR Marketplace

Article written by Megan Murphy, CNSM Dean's Office

Professor David Newman's interview with Marketplace about his recently published paper went online today. You can also hear his interview at (

He and two coauthors just published a paper in the American Institute of Physics journal "Chaos," called "Does Size Matter?" It looks at electrical power grids through the lens of physics and determines that these complex systems have an optimal size. Anything smaller would be inefficient. Anything larger could lead to cascading failures. The result from this research could possibly be applied to other complex structures like the Internet.

The paper is catching the attention of news outlets across the nation.
To read his paper:
To see the AIP press release "Are the U.S. Power Grids too big?":


 Tapas Bhattacharya, PhD, Space Physics

 Min-Shiu Hsieh, PhD, Space Physics


Congratulations for the following Graduate Students who have defended in the last few weeks:

Robin Whittier, MS, Physics, "Poker Flat Incoherent Scatter Radar Investigations of the Nighttime E-Region"

Jacopo LaFranceschina,  MS, Computional Physics, "Transient spatiotemporal chaos in a diffusively and snaptically coupled Morris-Lear neuronal network"

Mark Graybill,  MS Physics, "Recurrence Analysis Methods for the Classification of Nonlinear Systems"

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