Graduate Applicant External Faculty Evaluation Form


As an integral part of our Physics Departmental Graduate Application Review, we ask that in addition to your Letter of Recommendation (already sent to admissions), that this evaluation form be completed. Once completed, you can click the submit button and this will be sent securely to us. Your input is crucial in our determination and we would appreciate your input and additional feedback. Your assistance in the evaluation of this applicant is greatly appreciated by the faculty.


I know the applicant:

My contact with the applicant was as a student in:

Among recent graduates, I would rate this applicant in the following three areas:


Intellectual Ability or Capacity

Initiative and drive

Personality and cooperativeness

Check as many phrases as you are able to that applies to the applicant:

Among applicant's current peers, I would rate this applicant in over-all ability as:

We will contact you to verify the validity of this Graduate Applicant Evaluation Form.

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