Piciryaramta Elicungcallra

Overview of Lessons

Lesson Plan Spreadsheet PDF

Games and Toys
Kindergarten Lesson Plans  

Elerleraaq (Created by S.B./S.S.)

Yaaruiq (Created by S.B./S.S.)

1st Grade Lesson Plans  

Yuuyuuq (Created by C.O.)

Inuuguaq (Created by J.W.)

2nd Grade Lesson Plans  

Kauqayutaaq (Created by B.A/M.N)

Tegurpiit (Created by B.A/M.N)

Amatairyaraq (Created by B.A/M.N)

3rd/4th Grade Lesson Plans                  

Sling Shot (Created by R.N.)

Urlurveq (Created by A/R.N./ C.M.)

Angyaruaq (Created by A/S/R/R.N./ C.M.)

Naangualleq Kapuckaryaramek (Created by C.M.)

Kapuckaryaram Aulukestiin Kalikaa (Created by C.M.)

Kapuckaryaraq/Kalackiiq (Created by C.M.)

Celebrations and Ceremonies

Kindergarten Lesson Plans 

Yuuraq (Created by S.B.)

1st Grade Lesson Plans  

Petugtaq (Created by J.W.)

Yuraryaraq (Created by J.W.)

Dance Regalia (Created by J.W.)

2nd Grade Lesson Plans  

3rd/4th Grade Lesson Plans  

Nakaciuryaraq (Bladder Festival) (Created by C.M.)

Bladder Festival (Created by C.M.)

Old Bladder Festival Song (Created by C.M.)


Kindergarten Lesson Plans  

Plants (Created by S.B/S.S.)

Seasonal (Created by S.B/S.S.)

Clothing, Winter (Created by S.S.)

Clothing (Created by S.B/S.S.)

Birds (Created by S.B.)

1st Grade Lesson Plans  

Clothing (Created by C.O.)

Safety (Created by C.O.)

Transportation (Created by C.O.)

2nd Grade Lesson Plans  

Palqercetaaq (Created by B.A/M.N)

Food (Created by B.A/M.N)

Shelter (Created by B.A/M.N)

Introduce 6 seasons (Created by B.A/M.N)

Transportation (Created by B.A/M.N)

Landmarks (Created by B.A/M.N)

3rd/4th Grade Lesson Plans  

Anangnaqsaraq: Uksuaryartuq/Uksuaq (Created by R.N.)

Winter Survival (Created by C.M.)

Survival (Created by R.G.)

Other Materials

Kindergarten Lesson Plans  


1st Grade Lesson Plans

2nd Grade Lesson Plans

3rd/4th Grade Stories  

Bow and Arrow (Urlurveq) (Created by C.M.)

Simply Bow n Arrow (Created by C.M.)

Uqiqurnariuq (Created by C.M.)

Ayangssilriik (Created by C.M.)

War between Hooper Bay/Yukon People (Created by R.G.)

Seal Party (Created by Theresa John)

High Frequency Words (Created by Group)

Yuvriuteka Piunguallemni Rubric (Created by R.N./ C.M.)

Urlurvereq Aturluku Rubric (Created by R.N.)

Sling-aq Aturluku Rubric (Created by R.N.)

Yuvriutii Pilingualina Rubric (Created by R.N./ C.M.)

Lines in Writing (Created by S.S.)

Side and Corner (Created by S.S.)

Size (Created by S.S.)

Straight and Curve Lines (Created by S.S.)