PAIR Staff

Mr. Ian Olson

Director for Planning, Analysis and Institutional Research
Phone: 907.474.5317

Ian's duties include direct data reporting to executive university management, managing the day-to-day operations of the office, assigning data requests, carrying out analytic studies, organizing data reports and presenting findings to the university community. He'd be nowhere without his excellent staff! Ian has been with PAIR since 1999.

Ms. Chantelle McGinness

Research Specialist
Phone: 907.474.5371

Chantelle's focus is on the institutional research needs of the College of Rural and Community Development and the School of Education. Chantelle is our resident expert on all matters pertaining to UAF CTC, eLearning and Distance Education, and developmental education. Chantelle joined us in November 2015.

Mr. Adam Watson

Performance Analyst
Phone: 907.474.7130

Adam is the Performance Analyst here at PAIR. His duties include publishing annual program review reports. Adam is also responsible for reporting on university research. He joined us in May 2013.

Mr. Gary Hagestead

Enrollment Analyst
Phone: 907.474.8642

Gary is developing student and enrollment research and analysis. Gary is also the developer of the office's project database. Gary is available for ad hoc queries. He joined us in October 2011.


IR staff members carry out their work with the guidance of the  Association for Institutional Research’s Code of EthicsUAF’s guidelines for research involving human subjects, and Federal FERPA  policy.

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