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Alaska 4-H Program

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The Alaska 4-H Program is a practical, learn-by-doing, agriculture-based, educational program for K-12 students coordinated by the UAF Cooperative Extension Service. The mission of 4-H is to help youth and volunteers in their development through Experiential Educational programs. This is accomplished through direct involvement of youth, their parents, other adults, and the community. 4-H educational programs are designed to empower young people to become independent and participating members in their family and community by experiencing the building of self-confidence, developing inquiring minds, encouraging interpersonal cooperation, developing concern for the community, and learning decision-making through real life participation.

Adult volunteers organize regional 4-H Clubs across the State. Individual clubs participate in various activities such as livestock management, agriculture, arts and crafts, shooting sports, veterinary science, environmental science, guide dog training, biology, gardening and more depending on club members interests. Through regional clubs, 4-H members have the opportunity to develop skills in an area of individual interest while participating in public presentations, community service and district and state contests. Regional 4-H Clubs arrange their own meeting schedules and individual activities with the guidance of their Cooperative Extension Service District 4-H Agent.

The Alaska 4-H Program strives to use the research-based knowledge of the UAF land-grant university system to provide Alaska’s youth with hands-on learning opportunities while fostering strong leadership and volunteerism in Alaska’s communities. For more information on 4-H in your area click here or call 474-5211.

Alaska Summer Research Academy

Make it fun and the rest follows!

teens spelling out marine biology with rocks

ASRA: A fun, two week academic experience for students entering grades 8 - 12 in the fall.

The Alaska Summer Research Academy (ASRA) provides an opportunity for students in grades 8-12 to live on the UAF campus and work with university faculty, staff, and industry professionals.

Students choose one module (or course) and are immersed in a single subject for two weeks. The approach is experiential - hands-on and minds-on rather than lecture or worksheets.

One college credit is given upon completion.

Are you an ASRAN?

Are you curious about the world and life? Do you frequently think outside the box for creative solutions to challenging problems? Do you enjoy taking things apart just to see how they work? Do you care about making a positive difference in the world?

If so, you might be a perfect fit for ASRA. People who choose to come to ASRA are a diverse group with many talents and interests. They share a common passion for hands on learning and play. Many make new lifelong friendships here, and discover the joy of finding those rare kindred spirits.  ASRA is seeking individuals who will make the world a better place, who make good team members, and who value the fun of discovery.

If this sounds like you, please consider joining the ASRA family!

Learn more at the ASRA Website!

Girls on Ice

A mountaineering adventure and learning experience for young women.

Girls on Ice is a unique, FREE, wilderness science education program for high school girls. Each year a team of 9 teenage girls and 3 instructors spend 11 days exploring and learning about mountain glaciers and the alpine landscape through scientific field studies with professional glaciologists, mountaineers, and artists.

For general information, please contact Erin Pettit at pettit.erin@gmail.com

Science Potpourri

Tons of fun for all ages!

Science Potpourri is a College of Natural Science And Mathematics tradition. For 15 years the free community event has entertained and inspired the Fairbanks community and it's tons of fun too!

Every April on the second Saturday of the month, families and science fans trek to the Reichardt Building where science displays and experiments thrive around every corner.

Kids of all ages can create floods and earthquakes or watch lava flow and volcanoes erupt.  Events include physics and chemistry demonstrations, Lego robotics competitions, slicing rocks and making slime. Scientists show the differences between Alaska volcanoes, and those of other places through volcano eruption demonstrations.

Another popular item at Science Potpurri is memory wire, which is an alloy that “remembers” its original shape.  Kids and adults alike watch fascinated as they bend and curl the wire into a shape. When the wire is placed in water it unfurls itself back into it’s regular structure.  A piece of memory wire is given away free to take home. Other take home items include fossil impressions that are made with clay, a rock slice, a pet rock, a crystal model and prizes for participating in chemistry and physics demonstrations.

Upward Bound

Upward Bound is a college-prep program that serves high-school students of low-income families (specific income guidelines apply) from which neither parent holds a baccalaureate degree. The aim of Upward Bound Classic is to help these students graduate from high school prepared for enrollment and success in postsecondary education programs. The program consists of two components: an academic year program and a summer camp program.

Students interested in applying to the Upward Bound  program must have completed eighth grade, have parents that do not hold baccalaureate degrees and meet specific income requirements set by the U.S. Department of Education. Applications are available on-line. If an applicant is selected to participate in the program, Upward Bound will pay for all costs associated with attending the program, including transportation to Fairbanks from any community in Alaska, room and board, and all special fees and transportation costs for Upward Bound activities.