Registration for Fall 2014 classes will open 9:30 am Alaska Time, Wed. August 20.

Click the link below to go to the new online registration site.

The link will open a new window.  Keep this window open to refer to the instructions below for help in navigating the new registration site.

Printable Hints & Step-By-Step Instructions

Each document is 2 pages, in pdf format.

You must be a current member in order to register online.

Contact the OLLI office to purchase your 2014 membership at least a day before you plan to register for classes.

Regular annual membership in UAF-OLLI costs $35 per person. This is your most economical choice if you plan to take fewer than 10 OLLI courses in calendar year 2014 (including both spring and fall). You will pay $15 for each class you take.

Unlimited membership combines membership ($35) with unlimited classes for calendar year 2014 ($150), for a total cost of $185. This is your most economical choice if you plan to take more than 10 OLLI courses in calendar year 2014.


We outgrew our old registration system, which required OLLI staff to manually enter every individual class registration.

In our new system, class placement will be first-come, first-served. You'll know right away whether you got into the classes you wanted, and you can choose whether or not to join a waitlist for classes that are full.

We are looking forward to offering an online credit card payment option beginning in March or April 2014. Unfortunately, we will not have online payment by credit card available in February for our Spring 2014 registration. We apologize for the inconvenience. So, for now:

Select the "Pay Later" option when you register online.

ProClass is not able to remove references to credit cards from their site. If you don't click "Pay Later" it is possible to reach a screen that gives you spaces to enter your credit card information.  If you do so, your card will NOT be charged. The credit card information you enter will be secure -- OLLI staff won't even be able to access it. You'll still need to either call the OLLI office with your credit card information or mail us a check.

Navigating the new OLLI ProClass Website: Searching for classes and registering

Searching for Classes

You can browse the course offerings without being logged in, but you'll need to log in when you actually register.

You must pick a "semester" from the drop-down menu.  "2014 Spring" has this spring's courses; "2014 Excursions" has the summer excursions. Choosing one "Topic" from the drop-down list will narrow your search. You can also try choosing an "Instructor". If you choose BOTH a topic and an instructor, it will look for a course that is labeled with that topic AND is taught by that instructor.

We only have "Courses," so leave the default mark in that space.  If you try clicking "Bundles" you won't get any results.

Once you've selected your search parameters using one or more of the drop-down menus, click the "Search" button.

The "Search" screen

Search Results

Below is a snippet of what you'll see after you click the "Search" button. You can click on the blue underlined title of the class to see more details.

NOTE: ProClass is based in Arizona, and their "Registration opens" times are reported in Arizona time.  11:30 am Arizona time is 9:30 am Alaska time on Feb. 12.

Some search results

Course Detail

Below is a Course Detail page, reached by clicking on the title of the course in the previous screen. There is no button to click to register because this screen shot was taken before online registration opened for this course.

Click on "Search" in the gray menu bar at the top to return to the search page. ("Home" takes you to the home page of OLLI's regular UAF website, not the registration page.)

A Course Detail page

Registration available/ Waitlist

Sample Class 1 is full. To add yourself to the waitlist, you would click the blue underlined "Wait List" beside the green circle with white arrow in it.

Sample Class 2 has space available. To register, you'd click the blue underlined "Register" by the green circle with the white arrow in it.

Screen showing one class available for registration, and one full class with waitlist option

Log In to Register

If you haven't logged in yet and you clicked "register" or "wait list," this login screen will come up. If you know your username and password, enter them in the spaces given.

Click "Forgot your password?" if you think you might have an account, but you don't know your username or password.  It will take you to a screen where you'll type in your email address, and the system will send your username and password to that email address.  If there is no account with that email address, a message will appear telling you so, and you can go on to create a new account.

IMPORTANT: You must be a member to register for Spring 2014 courses, so you need to contact the OLLI office to purchase your membership. The online credit card payment option is not functioning yet, so you can't purchase a membership online.

The sample classes in the "SAMPLE" semester do not require membership, so you can practice registration using those classes whether or not you are a 2014 member yet.

Login screen

Select Students

After you click "Register," you'll see this screen. Click in the box beside the names of the people you wish to register in this class.

Note that if you have a family account with two or more OLLI members, you can register both people for the same class at the same time by checking both boxes.  If you are the only contact on your account, there will be only one name shown, but you still have to check the box.

NOTE: The system checks for time conflicts. If you try to register for two classes that overlap in time, it will give you an error message when you try to complete your registration, and it will give you a chance to remove one of the classes to avoid the conflict. If you have already completed registration for one or more classes, the system will not let you register or join the wait list for any class that has a time conflict with your previous registrations, so don't complete your registration until you're sure you want those classes.

"Select Students" screen

Parking Permit (optional)

After selecting one or more names and clicking "Register," you may see a pop-up similar to this. (The real one will offer a real parking permit for $10, not a practice one for free.) UAF Parking Services makes reduced-rate parking passes available to OLLI members. These passes cost $10 and are good for parking ONLY in the lots adjacent to the UPark building; each pass is valid for 6 months.

You will be offered the chance to purchase a parking permit whenever you register for a class that meets at UPark. If you don't need a parking permit, leave quantity at "0" and hit the "Cancel" button. If you want to purchase a parking permit, change the quantity to "1" and click the "Continue" button.

YOU ONLY NEED ONE PARKING PERMIT PER CAR, not one per class. The system will offer you the optional parking permit with each class that meets in UPark. If you're registering for multiple classes in UPark, just click "Cancel" when the parking pop-up keeps coming up.

Pop-up for (practice) parking permit.

Pending Registrations

You now have a course in "Pending Registrations."

If you want to add more courses, click "Search for more courses" to repeat the procedure of finding and registering for a class. When you are done, click "Complete my registration."

The ProClass system will hold courses  as "pending" for TEN MINUTES. If you haven't completed your registration within 10 minutes, it will release your space in your pending class(es) and you'll have to start over. So, note the time, and be sure to move on to "Complete Registration" before your 10 minutes are up. If you need to, split your registrations into two or more batches so you won't go over 10 minutes.

"Your selections have been saved" screen

Confirm Courses: click "PAY LATER"

The default option on this screen is "Full" (i.e. pay now) but the credit card function doesn't work yet so you must click "Pay Later." Then click the "continue" button to finish.

You can either mail us a check or call the OLLI office to pay with your credit card.  We apologize for the inconvenience. We are told that the online credit card payment function will be available to us sometime in March.

"Confirm Courses" screen

Registration Complete

When you reach this screen, you have successfully completed your registration. Your account balance due to OLLI is shown in red at the bottom.

The registrations listed will ONLY show the class(es) you registered for just now, not previous registrations. We recommend clicking the link to get a printable record to keep.

"Registration Complete" screen