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Board of Directors Election Results 2013

Congratulations, and THANK YOU for your service to UAF-OLLI!

Board officers for 2013-14 were elected at the April 29 OLLI Board meeting, and are noted below.

Six members were elected to the OLLI Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting on March 26, 2013:

Frank Abegg (Treasurer)
Marcia Boyette
Donna Dinsmore
Carol Neilsen
Dave Norton (President)
Lynn Slusher

Board members now in the 2nd year of their 2-year term are:

Leigh Anne Cox (Vice President)
Barbara Horner-Miller
Ron Inouye
Carol Linkswiler (Secretary)
Flora Wiltse

How are we doing?

Take a look at our Annual Report for 2013

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