Non-Disclosure Agreement

Our Process

The University of Alaska Fairbanks’ non-disclosure agreement (NDA) process ensures the strict confidentiality of proprietary or confidential information between UAF and a partner. We've established this process to develop mutually beneficial research and development collaborations in a straightforward, flexible, timely and efficient manner. Experience suggests that the fastest means to reach an agreement is through direct communications with our Intellectual Property Specialist,  Adam Krynicki

University of Alaska Fairbanks Non-Disclosure Agreement

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Information Collection

Negotiating an NDA can prove extremely difficult if our office does not have all of the necessary information.  To expedite your request, please include the following in your email:
• The purpose;
• The description of the proprietary or confidential information to be shared in nonproprietary terms;
The specific duration of the non-disclosure agreement;
And the identification of individuals and titles, along with full contact information, authorized to execute the agreement for the other organization.

Contact Made by OIPC

OIPC will contact the other party with your information and one of the OIPC standard NDAs.  These NDAs have been designed to facilitate university-industry collaboration in accordance with University Industry Development Partnership Standards.  Using OIPC's standard NDA will expedite review, and it should be noted that if the other party chooses to use an NDA that is not standard for University-Industry collaboration, that the negotiation of this NDA will take significantly more time.  In some cases, OIPC cannot recommend the use of an NDA if it is overly cumbersome and not in your best interests.

Negotiation, Review, and Execution

All NDAs are negotiated by OIPC, and sent for review to University General Counsel.  Also note that Dan White, Director of OIPC, is the authorized signatory for Non-Disclosure Agreements at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  OIPC generally expects that non-disclosure agreements can be executed quickly.  Longer timelines are generally result of not having complete information or the the need for a specialized contract.  If you have a question regarding the status of a non-disclosure agreement, please email Adam Krynicki.

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