Conflict of Interest


The Office of Intellectual Property & Commercialization deals only with conflicts that may arise relating to the commercialization of intellectual property, for inquiries regarding potential Conflicts of Interest not related to intellectual property, please visit the Office of Sponsored Programs or the Office of Research Integrity.


Definition of Conflicts of Interest for Commercialization

Conflicts of interest may arise when an employee gains a financial interest in an entity (through stock, employment, or other ownership) that conducts business in the same area in which the employee works for the University. Such outside interests can detract from the employee's educational, clinical, or administrative duties at the University and require review and management in accordance with University policy.


Managing Potential Conflicts of Interest for Entrepreneurial Faculty

State law and Board of Regents’ Policy provide an exception to the restrictions of the State Ethics Act allowing the University President to determine whether an employee’s potential conflict can be effectively managed without sacrificing the employee’s obligations to the University, and if managing the conflict is in the University’s best interests (i.e. if the conflict promotes the commercialization of technology developed within the University). For the complete University Board of Regents’ Conflict of Interest policy, pleaseáclick here.

Our office works with UA General Counsel to determine whether such commercialization conflict exist, and if so, how to manage that conflict, which can involve preparation of a Conflict of Interest Management Plan for review by the University President.

To determine whether a conflict of interest exists relating to commercialization of your technology, and what steps need to be taken to market your intellectual property, please contact our office in person at Rasmuson Library Room 401, via phone at (907) 474-2605 or via email at

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