Describing Your invention can Lead to a Loss of Intellectual Property Rights

Researchers have a duty to publish and disclose their inventions to the public. A problem arises, however, whenever an inventor publishes, gives a talk, or otherwise describes the invention. These acts are known as a disclosure under intellectual property laws, and any of them could lead to the loss of patent rights or the need to file for patent protection within 1 year.

Protecting Intellectual Property in Proposals

Under United States law, proposals may be a form of public disclosure due to the Freedom of Information Act. If a proposal is marked with certain language however, your invention can be protected.

To prevent against loss of intellectual property rights, OIPC works with inventors to properly mark their proposals. Often, language can be affixed to the proposal within 1-2 days of contacting our office. For more information, please see the following presentation about the topic, or contact Adam Krynicki

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