As an inventor, your ownership rights depend on whether the invention was developed independently, whether it was developed as a result of university supported efforts, or whether the invention was developed as a result of university resources.   Inventions made independently belong to the inventor.   Inventions made with university resources or as the result of sponsored research are assigned to the university.

Inventors have a duty to disclose their inventions to the university, and the university has a duty to conduct a review of the invention, and provide a written plan for the invention as soon as practicable.

If the university chooses to patent the invention, it will pay for the cost of protection.   These costs are later deducted out of any royalties collected from the licensing the invention.

Please review Article 14 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement  as well as Chapter 10.07.050 of the University of Alaska Board of Regents Policy for more information.



Subject to restrictions arising from overriding obligations of the university pursuant to grants, contracts or other agreements with outside organizations, the university agrees, for and in consideration of the assignment of patent rights, to pay annually to the named inventor(s), the inventor(s)’ heirs, successors or assigns, a royalty share of the net proceeds received by the university for each patent or other intellectual property right assigned to the university, as shown below.

Total Net Royalty Per Invention ($):

First $10,000
      Inventor's Share: 100%
     • University Share: 0%
Greater than $10,000
      Inventor's Share: 50%
     • University Share: 50%

Where there are two or more inventors, each inventor will share equally in the inventor’s share of net proceeds, unless all inventors previously have agreed in writing to a differing distribution of such share. Distribution of the inventor’s share will be made no less than annually. In the event of any litigation, actual or imminent, or any other action to protect patent rights, the university may withhold distribution of all royalty proceeds until resolution of the matter. Of the remaining net proceeds, the share will be distributed as determined by the president. University proceeds from university inventions will be used for the support of university research and scholarly activities; however, exceptions may be granted by the president or president’s designee.

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