For Inventors

How do you find industry partners for commercialization?

70% of industry partners are known to the inventor/author (that’s you!). Your connections are invaluable. You know the market and the players in it. You might have even developed the innovation by working with industry representatives.

What are my rights and obligations?

Student and staff rights and obligations are defined in Board of Regents policy and regulation 10.07.050, available here.  Faculty rights and obligations are defined in Article 14 of the collective bargaining agreement, available here.  We're happy to talk through the details with you.

Where can I learn more about the Invent Alaska competition?

Check out www.inventalaska.com.


For Companies

What are your typical license terms?

As a public school, the University's innovations are owned by the public.  Thus, the University has an obligation to commercialize technology at a fair price.  OIPC looks to current average royalty rates in the applicable industry to determine appropriate license terms.  That said, every technology is different and we'll try to work with you to find mutually agreeable terms.

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