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The University of Alaska Fairbanks conducts approximately $120 million per year in research. Much of this research can lead to commercial products, licenses, technologies, software codes, new plant varieties, and other intellectual property that, if licensed or sold to business, could provide competitive business advantage and create jobs. Come see us if you are interested in commercializing your technology.

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Picture of Dr. Dan White

Dr. Dan White
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
Director, Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization

Picture of Adam Krynicki

Adam Krynicki
Business Development Director
907-474-2626 907-474-2626

Picture of Shelby Mathis
Shelby Mathis
Intellectual Property Director
907-474-2609 907-474-2609
Picture of Nickole Conley

Nickole Conley
OIPC Business Director
907-474-5626 907-474-5626

Picture of Melissa McCumby

Melissa McCumby
OIPC Office Manager
907-474-2605 907-474-2605

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