Insurance for International Student Athletes

Official UAF policy requires health insurance for all students.   Therefore, UAF insurance is automatically added to student financial accounts for all students in F-1 or J-1 immigration status.   However, the health insurance available for purchase by UAF students specifically excludes claims for medical care needed as a result of injuries sustained during NCAA athletic related activities.   Although the Department of Athletics carries insurance for student-athletes who are injured during practice or competition, this insurance provides secondary coverage and therefore will not cover all of the costs associated with an injury.   As a result, it is recommended that you enroll in insurance that will cover you at all times, even when you are participating in intercollegiate athletics.   

If you already have health insurance and choose not to enroll in the University’s policy, you may obtain an insurance fee waiver from the Office of International Programs and Initiatives.   In order to receive this waiver, a student must provide evidence of coverage that includes the following:

  • Name of student
  • Name of insurance company
  • Coverage dates – preferably the entire year (At minimum, coverage should begin prior to the first day of classes and extend through January 15 for the Fall semester and extend through May 31 for the Spring semester.   Coverage is required for the summer only if the student remains in the U.S.)  
    Note:   Generally, if there are lapses in coverage, for example summer vacation periods spent outside the U.S., pre-existing conditions will not be covered.
  • Evidence of coverage for the following:
    a.  Medical evacuation to the home country in the event of serious illness or injury
    b.  Repatriation of remains to the home country in the event of death

In many cases, international student athletes would benefit from purchasing an insurance plan other than the UAF Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan if the other plan covers sports injuries from NCAA sponsored activities.   The UAF Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan will not cover injuries received during practices, warm ups, games or other activities relating to your NCAA competitive sport.

Whatever type of insurance you choose should, at a minimum, be comparable to the UAF student health insurance plan.   It is the responsibility of the student to determine this.   The UAF plan information may be found online in a the UAF Student Health and Counseling Center website.   

Please read the letter from UAF Athletics for more information, as well.

Also, please see our general insurance information for international students.

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