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 I am a current UAF student and I am interested in International Exchange.


 I am a current UAF student and I am interested in Domestic Exchange through the National Student Exchange (NSE).


 I am a current UAF student and I am interested in International Internship and Field Experience.


 I am interested in an Exchange to UAF.

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Feature of the Month: Megan Rourke



Megan Rourke, a Sociology major from the University of Stirling spent two semesters at UAF as an exchange student. The Scot, who grew up in a small village outside Edinburgh, lived and went to school there for most of her life. After high school when she turned 18, she went travelling around Tanzania, Australia and South East Asia for a year and half before coming home and starting school at the University of Stirling. She says "I had definitely caught the travel bug and spent time in different cities across Europe throughout my study and picked my degree program based on whether it had an exchange opportunity!" 

She had a few universities in the United States on her list where she wanted to study as an exchange student, eventually deciding to go to UAF in the Fall of 2014. She says, "Looking back at it now, I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else. I was only supposed to be in Fairbanks for one semester between September and December but I ended up falling in love with the city and the school, got a job as a Resident Assistant on campus, and luckily, was able to extend and ended up staying until June"

Elaborating on the academics and research in the department of sociology at UAF, she says, "The sociology program at UAF gave me amazing chances to explore social research and I ended up presenting a research poster on the ethics of dog sledding"

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Coming to the U.S.


 I am an International Student and I want to apply at UAF or I am a Newly Admitted Student.


 I am a Current International Student at UAF.


I am an International Researcher/Scholar or Professor and I want to do research or teach at UAF.


 I am a New International Scholar Employee or Faculty at UAF.

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