The 2014 NCERA-101 Annual Meeting will be held at the Chena Hot Springs Resort (CHSR, Mile 56.5 Chena Hot Springs Road) located 60 road miles northeast of downtown Fairbanks. CHSR operates a geothermal power plant, and a year-round greenhouse, high tunnel and fodder units. The Aurora Ice Museum was established several years ago and is maintained and kept frozen year-round using geothermal resources. If you are adventurous, you may rent one of the rooms (completely made of ice) and spend the night in the Aurora Ice Museum. There will be opportunities to swim in the natural hot springs of the outdoor Rock Lake throughout the meeting (make sure you bring swimwear). The Pool and Rock Lake areas are open from 7 am to midnight. And for those late night discussions, the Aurora Café and the Bar remain open to 2 am.

The meeting will be held in the Activitorium, a former University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) greenhouse, now transformed into a beautiful meeting space. Some of the meals will be served in the Activitorium and some we will enjoy in the nearby restaurant. The last day (Tuesday, April 15), we will travel to Fairbanks and tour the Morris Thompson Cultural Center, UAF campus, greenhouses, and other facilities. We will have lunch at a downtown Fairbanks restaurant (Big Daddy’s Barbeque) and the meeting will conclude with dinner at Pike’s Waterfront Lodge, located about one mile from Fairbanks International Airport.

CHSR is a rustic resort at the end of the road (literally). Internet connections are limited and cell phone service is only by Verizon or ACS. Average Fairbanks April temperatures range from the 40s during the day to 20s at night. Conditions can be highly variable and snowstorms are not uncommon. Please bring warm jackets, hats and gloves. We also recommend comfortable footwear that can handle muddy spring breakup conditions.

Hotel reservations at CHSR

To reserve rooms at CHSR, call the front desk at 907-451-8104 or Diane Carrio (907-451-8104, ext. 1904, fax 907-451-8151). Please do not attempt to use the website for reservations. The group code for rooms at CHSR is UAF-41214. A credit or debit card is required (no exceptions) to reserve a room.

The room rate per person is $50 plus tax (8%). If you are having problems with your reservation, email Diane ( and she will be able to assist you. 

CHSR has various types and sizes of rooms and those who book early will get the best rooms. In addition, there are just so many rooms at CHSR and an alternative hotel would be 60 miles away. We ask that you may consider sharing rooms to ensure we do not run out of lodging. 

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Tour Tuesday April 15

On Tuesday morning, we suggest you check out of the hotel at CHSR, load your luggage on the bus, and plan on being dropped off at the airport for late evening flights out of Fairbank on April 15. Alternatively, you can stay over night in Fairbanks and fly out on Wednesday April 16. We recommend Pike’s Waterfront Lodge in Fairbanks ( for those who would like to stay until Wednesday April 16 or later. For a room rate of $75 plus 8% tax at Pike’s, the group code is 453319. Please call the front desk at 907-456-4500 to reserve rooms. If you have any problems call Christena at 907-374-7110 or email Please do not use the 877-number or the website.

Optional hotel reservations in Fairbanks prior to or following the meeting

If you would like to arrive early or stay after the meeting in Fairbanks, we recommend Pike’s Waterfront Lodge ( For a room rate of $75 plus 8% tax at Pike’s, the group code is 453319. Please call the front desk at 907-456-4500 to reserve rooms. If you have any problems, you can call or email Christena at 907-374-7110 or Please do not use the 877-number or the website.

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