Department of Music

Other Rooms for Music Practice

Due to the heavy scheduling demands placed upon it by the Music Department students, faculty, and other external University sponsoring organizations, the Charles W. Davis Concert Hall is not available for unrestricted use; however, students scheduled to appear on a Music at One student recital, or an authorized solo recital, may reserve a limited amount of rehearsal time to allow them and their accompanist(s) to familiarize themselves with the acoustics of the Hall.  

No student may use the Concert Hall for practice unless he or she has previously obtained an approved reservation through the Music Office.  

To reserve practice time in the Concert Hall, students should first obtain a reservation form from the Music Office and then make requests for rehearsal time through their applied music teacher to the Music Office. (Students are not permitted to reserve their own rehearsal times in the Concert Hall; they must ask their teacher to do this for them.   Final decision regarding approval of time for practice in the Concert hall will be made by the Chair of the Music Department.)   No food or drink is permitted in the Concert Hall at any time.

A master time schedule for use of the Davis Concert Hall is maintained in the Music Office.  No one but the Music Department secretary may make reservations in the Concert Hall schedule book without prior approval by the Head of the Music Department.

Students may not relocate university pianos or other instruments from one practice room to another practice room.  Students are asked to be especially careful when moving the grand pianos on the Concert Hall stage.  Students are also asked to make sure that the pianos are covered and locked when not in use. These instruments should be moved slowly and carefully, and only when necessary.

The Davis Concert Hall is normally locked at night or on weekends when it is not scheduled for use. Music faculty, Music Department student employees, or UAF security personnel may request identification from students unfamiliar to them as part of normal security procedure.   They may lock the Hall during periods of non-scheduled use to prevent vandalism or theft of Department equipment. Students who have made special arrangements to use the Hall on weekends or evenings must be able to prove they have previously made approved permission to use the Hall.

Because of the scheduling limitations described above, the major portion of rehearsal time must be confined to practice rooms. Small ensembles may schedule Mus 111, Mus 217 (Eva McGown Room), Mus 205, Mus 223, or Mus 301 for rehearsal during evening and weekend hours.   Due to heavy scheduled use, Room 301 is not normally available for music rehearsal during weekdays.   If an ensemble rearranges chairs to accommodate its rehearsal, then that same group is expected to restore the room to its normal classroom seating configuration at the conclusion of each rehearsal. Failure to restore Room 301 to normal configurationl may cause future reservations by this ensemble to be revoked.