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UAF Music Student Handbook

Fifth Edition, 2008


The Music Handbook no longer exists as a hard-copy printed publication.  It now exists in virtual form on this website.  (Students may print their own copies of these pages, if they wish.)

The purpose of this Handbook is to provide general clarification of policies and procedures that have been used by the Department in the past but have never been comprehensively stated for the benefit of new and returning students.  The Handbook is designed principally for the guidance of undergraduate students majoring in Music. It may not unique address issues relating to graduate students or non-music majors.  Students interested in the Master of Arts degree program should visit this link.

Although most of the policies contained here are familiar to current students, some policies have been clarified with respect to participation in large ensembles, preparation for junior and senior recitals, and attendance requirements for Departmental recitals and convocations.

Modifications of policies contained in this Handbook may be made at any time. Announcements of such changes will be posted on departmental bulletin boards, announced at Town Meeting convocations or brought to student's attention by their academic advisor or private lesson teacher.

Suggestions for improving the usefulness of this Handbook are actively sought.  The Department appreciates being informed of any typographical errors, and also appreciates comments on how this document can be improved.  Send your suggestions to

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Facilities and Equipment

Practice Rooms

Other Rooms for Music Practice

Locker Rentals

University-owned Instruments

Piano Laboratory

Media Center

Elmer E. Rasmuson Library


Policies and Procedures relating to Undergraduate Music Degree Programs

Procedures for Admission as a Music Major

Advice for New College Students

General Advice for Students

Piano Proficiency Requirement

Advice regarding possible Withdrawal from Courses


Required Participation in Music Performance Ensembles

Private Lesson Study in Music

Music at One Recital Performance Requirement

Music at One Recital Attendance Requirement


End of Semester Jury Examinations

Finding a Piano Accompanist

Preparing for a Degree Recital