Department of Music

Finding a Piano Accompanist

Music students are encouraged to find a piano accompanist as soon as possible.   If you don't know any pianists, then submit your accompaniment to the Professor of Piano at least four weeks in advance of the desired Music at One recital date.   If you are seeking a pianist to accompany you on a degree recital, you should make your arrangements with your accompanists at least three months prior to the desired recital date, depending upon the difficulty of the music repertoire you are performing.   The Professor of Piano will attempt to refer you to a piano accompanist.

How do you prepare for your practice sessions with your accompanist?   First of all, you should know your music completely before you schedule a meeting with the accompanist.    Don't expect your accompanist to teach you the notes.   If you haven't adequately prepared your repertoire, the accompanist may cancel the rehearsal.   Don't expect lots of rehearsal sessions with the accompanist, unless the repertoire is unusually complex.   Expect to have the accompanist attend at least one of your private lessons so that your teacher can hear you both play.   Communication between the soloist and the accompanist should commence weeks prior to the desired recital date.   It is the responsibility of the soloist to take the initiative to schedule rehearsals with their accompanists.