The Vogel Exhibition

Opening Fall 2014

This exhibit features 50 works of art from the collection of New Yorkers Dorothy and Herbert Vogel. The couple lived frugally and used Dorothy’s income as a Librarian in Brooklyn to cover their living expenses and used Herb’s income as a night-shift postal clerk to purchase artwork, insisting that they only purchase artwork that they could carry home in a taxi.

They chose not to collect for investment purposes and chose to acquire only things they liked. In 40 years they collected nearly 5,000 works of art, which they exhibited and stored (tucked under beds and on top of cabinets) their small Manhattan apartment which they shared with their pet cats named after famous artists.

The Vogel’s collection which consists primarily of minimalist, post-minimalist, and conceptual art has been called one of the most important post-1960’s art collections in the United States. Artists represented in the collection include Richard Tuttle, Lorna Simpson, Cindy Sherman and Roy Lichtenstein. 

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