UAMN Student Research Fellowships

The University of Alaska Museum of the North recognizes the need to support research on our collections by interested students and scholars. The Museum offers a small number of grants and fellowships to students for research related to our collections.

Otto William Geist Fund

The Otto William Geist Fund was established by Otto Geist in 1963 to support:

-Acquisition and conservation of archeological or paleontological material for the University.

-Financing in whole or in part expeditions for archeological or paleontological field research.

-Scholarships or fellowship grants for undergraduate and graduate students in archaeology or paleontology. Proposals from other fields are considered if strongly tied into these disciplines.

Departments: Archaeology, Earth Sciences

Application Deadline: March 27, 2015

Award: For 2015, individual awards will be considered up to $3000

Contact: Dr. Patrick Druckenmiller, Curator of Earth Sciences,

Click here for the announcement in .pdf format

Click here for the application in .pdf format

Click here for the guidelines in .pdf format

Bureau of Land Management - University of Alaska Museum Archaeological Collections Research Fellowship


The University of Alaska Museum of the North (UAM) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Fairbanks are co-sponsoring a research fellowship to cover expenses to conduct research with existing archaeological collections at UAM.  The museum’s archaeological collections include significant holdings from all periods of human occupation of Alaska . In particular, the BLM has more than 1,300 accessioned collections at UAM, containing an estimated 500,000 to 700,000 artifacts. In their proposal, the successful candidate for this fellowship will use, at least in part, BLM collections at the museum. Applicants must be currently enrolled graduate or undergraduate students, and eligibility is NOT restricted to University of Alaska students. Research projects must be done primarily at the museum, using existing archaeological collections, although projects may also use other collections, including those from other UAM departments.

Department: Archaeology

Application Deadline: NOT OFFERED 2015

Award: Maximum award is $4000 including travel, lodging, and per diem

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