Current Projects

Invertebrates at UAM

The UAM Aquatics collection includes important holdings of North Pacific invertebrates. These materials have been used by Nora Foster to produce summaries of the invertebrate diversity of Prince William Sound.

We are currently working with faculty at the School of Fisheries to finish the task of cataloging and digitizing information associated with existing holdings of marine invertebrates. These new records will provide better documentation of Arctic and sub-Arctic marine invertebrate fauna.


UAF Ichthyology lab

The UAM Fish collection serves as the foundation for ongoing research into the biological diversity of fishes in Alaska and worldwide. An overview of the studies currently being advanced by students associated with the collection can be found in the web pages of the UAF Ichthyology lab.


NOAA, Auke Bay Laboratories Accession

We are currently processing the transfer of a large collection from the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, Auke Bay, Juneau. This collection includes about 8000 lots of m arine invertebrates and 6000 lots of fishes, effectively doubling the size of the collection.

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