Mathematics in a Cultural Context

Teacher Log Form

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Basic Information

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School Year:
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Activity Information
Name of Module:
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Topic of Unit:
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How many times did you use MCC this week?
Lesson or Activity Number:
Main Pedagogical Strategy Used:    if other, describe:
Classroom Work:
Date of Activity:  (mm/dd/yy)
Time spent teaching the activity:
Did you use a story book? Yes     No If Yes, what story:
Did you use manipulatives? Yes     No If Yes, describe:

How much did you modify the activity?

Not at all
Followed as written
Made minor changes
Made major changes
Completely changed from way it's written
Describe below any changes you made to the activity.
Did you supplement the lesson?        Yes     No
Amount of time spent on supplemental activities:
Describe the supplemental materials used, please list specific name and pages of resource. Other?
Why did you choose to supplement the activity today?
I supplemented the module because:
Describe below what worked well or didn't during today's lesson.
Was there an event or situation today that may have impeded your students’ ability to focus or learn (for example, holiday activities, suicide, assembly or guest speaker, etc.)?

Integration with other Math Curriculum
Are you integrating MCC with another curriculum? Yes     No
How are you using MCC?

please explain:

Any Other Comments About Using MCC?