ROSS Instructions - Page 1

In completing this questionnaire, you should not spend more than 1-2 minutes on any problem.

For each of the following statements, circle the number that corresponds to your response:


1) I like to use math problems that can be solved in many different ways.

2) I regularly have my students work through real-life math problems that are of interest to them.

3) When two students solve the same math problem correctly using two different strategies I have them share the steps they went through with each other.

4) I tend to integrate multiple strands of mathematics within a single unit.

5) I often learn from my students during math time because my students come up with ingenious ways of solving problems that I have never thought of.

6) It is not very productive for students to work together during math time.

7) Every child in my room should feel that mathematics is something he/she can do.

8) I integrate math assessment into most math activities.

9) In my classes, students learn math best when they can work together to discover mathematical ideas.

10) I encourage students to use manipulatives.

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