Mathematics in a Cultural Context

Principal and Liaison Log Form

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Basic Information:
First Name:
Last Name:
School Year:
School District:    If other, specify:
Position:       If other, specify:
Date (mm/dd/yyyy):

Supporting Activities
Did you organize a MCC workshop? Yes No
Who participated?

If other, describe:
How many individuals attended the workshop or inservice?
How effective would you rate the workshop or inservice? (1 to 5 scale the most)

How often do these workshops/inservices occur?

Describe the activity:

Names of Modules Used on Workshop:
Topic of Unit:
If other, describe :

Collaboration with Other Teachers:

Are there opportunities for teachers that support MCC?

If other, describe:

How often are these opportunities provided? 

If other, describe:

The Nature of Aligning or Integrating MCC into the Curriculum
Is MCC the main curriculum for this math topic? Yes No
Specify which curriculum       and what math topics
MCC supplements the main curriculum? Yes No
Specify which curriculum        and what math topics
A few MCC activities are used? Yes No
Specify which curriculum        and what math topics
MCC not used Yes No

Do you need additional support to effectively implement MCC into your school?

Yes No

From MCC?

Yes No

From the District Office?

Yes No

By District adapting MCC (one product per school per year)

Did your district develop materials (could be a school, or a teacher to do the following)?
Expand existing MCC ectivities to include local:

Culturally based Pedagogy Yes No

Culturally based math Yes No

Local stories that connect to the module? Yes No