Checking your Computer's Compatibility with E-Live (Provided by MCC)

In preparation for this new technology offering, we would like anyone planning to use Elluminate Live to test your computer for capability before the training date. To do so, please follow the instructions below.


Step 1: Navigate to E-Live Website Support

Visit the following website at :


Step 2:

You will see a "First Time Users" section. If your computer has the required software, you will see a green box with a check-mark inside and the message, "Congratulations, you appear to have the required software to launch Elluminate Live!" See the image below for a visual.

Checking your Computer's Compatability with E-Live (Provided by MCC) - Step 2 Picture, verify your computer's compatibility

Step 3:

Move to Step #2 on the e-live website titled "Complete your setup" and click the link to "Configuration Room." (shown in the picture below. When you click on this link, it will take you to a test-site where you can view the interface and become familiar with what Elluminate Live looks like. At that point you can then exit. Keep in mind that this is not the link to the classrooms where the MCC E-Live sessions are held. To go to specific rooms go to the courses area of the MCC website.

If you do not have the required software to see this test-site, please check with your computer support office for further instructions.

Checking your Computer's Compatability with E-Live (Provided by MCC) - Step 3 picture, navigating to the test-site

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