Composition of MPC

Composition of the committee is defined in the MPC bylaws. Committee members from various areas of interest are appointed by the chancellor.

2013 UAF Master Planning Committee

Name Representative Affiliation Phone Email Term Exp. Office/Subcommittee Appointments
Anderson, Lydia Student Services Division of Student Services 474-7037  9/30/15  
Axx, Kara North Campus Facilities Services 474-2648 8/31/15 Ex-offico member; North Campus subcommittee
Descoteaux, Raphaelle Graduate Student   Unavailable 12/31/13  
Dixon, Jim Alumni Fairbanks Community Unavailable 8/31/15 Campus Landscape subcommittee
Vacant Chancellor's Office Chancellor's Office 479-7920   8/31/15 Secretary
George, John Faculty - Service Fire Science 455-2879 1/31/16  
Greenberg, Joshua Faculty - Instruction School of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sciences 474-7189 6/30/14 Chair
Machida, Richard Staff Council Office of Information Technology 474-7102 6/30/16  
Mehner, Da-ka-xeen CACNE College of Liberal Arts 474-6972 12/31/15 Art on Campus subcommittee
Gardino, Donna Community Fairbanks community 459-6786 12/31/14 MPO Coordinator at Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System (FMATS)
Newman, Gary Community Fairbanks community 488-2001 12/31/15  
Olson, Ian Institutional Research Planning, Analysis & Institutional Research 474-5317 9/30/15  
Renfrew, Michelle Development/ Fundraising Marketing & Communications 474-5337 8/31/15  
Schnabel, William Faculty - Research Water & Environmental Research Center 474-7789 12/31/15  
Schrage, Doug Administrative Fire Department 474-7681 12/31/14 Chief of Fire Department
Shambare, Jonathan Facilities Services Design & Construction 474-1906 9/30/15 Vice-Chair,
Trails Planning
Smart, Brooke Undergraduate Student   Unavailable 12/31/13  
Vacant University Planning          
Vacant Faculty - Rural          
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