Composition of MPC

Composition of the committee is defined in the MPC bylaws. Committee members from various areas of interest are appointed by the chancellor.

2015 UAF Master Planning Committee

Name Representative Affiliation Phone Email Term Exp.
McCollough, Laura Student Services Director, Residence Life 474-1886 09/310/17
Newman, Gary Community Fairbanks community 488-2001 12/31/15
Carrick, Mathew Undergraduate Student President ASUAF 1/1/17
Janssen, Nicholas Graduate Student PhD student,Engineering 1/1/17
Greenberg, Joshua Chair,
SNRE 474-7189 6/30/16
Schrage, Doug Administrative Services  Fire Department 474-7681 1/31/17
Schnabel, William Faculty-research  Water & Environmental Resources 474-7789 12/31/15
Shambare, Jonathan

Design & Construction 

Facilities Services  474-1906 9/30/15
George, John Faculty-service  Tanana Valley Campus--Fire Scince prgm 455-2879 1/31/16
vacant CACNE         
Gardino, Donna Community MPO Coordinator, FMATS 459-6786 1/31/17
Axx, Kara North Campus area , ex-officio North Campus Manager 474-2648 8/31/15
Olson, Ian Institutional Research  Planning, Analysis & Institutional Research  474-5317 9/30/15
Browning, Carla Development/Fundraising Marketing & Communications 474-7778 12/01/17
Krick, Brad Staff Council IS OPS 474-6069 9/30/17
Dixon, Jim Alumni Assoc Alumni Assoc 8/31/15
Queen, Debby Admin Support Asst to Chancellor 474-7920 1/31/17
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