Composition of MPC

Composition of the committee is defined in the MPC bylaws. Committee members from various areas of interest are appointed by the chancellor.

2018-2019 UAF Master Planning Committee

Name Representative Affiliation Phone Email
Danielson, Rick Student Services Facilities Manager, Residence Life 474-5280
Newman, Gary Community Fairbanks community 488-2001
Lopez, Raymundo Undergraduate Student   474-5896
Vacant Graduate Student      
Greenberg, Joshua Chair,
SNRE 474-7189
Schrage, Doug Administrative Services  Fire Department 474-7681
Belz, Nathan Faculty-research  Civil and Environmental engineering 474-5765
Shambare, Jonathan

Design & Construction 

Facilities Services  474-1906
George, John Faculty-service  Tanana Valley Campus--Fire Science program 455-2879
vacant CACNE       
Campbell, Jenny Staff Council Director, Facilities Services 474-5598
Gardino, Donna Community Fairbanks Community 459-6786
Axx, Kara North Campus area , ex-officio North Campus Manager 474-2648
Olson, Ian Institutional Research  Planning, Analysis & Institutional Research  474-5317
Wall, Amanda Parking Services Director, Bursur Office 474-7384
Browning, Carla Development/Fundraising University Relations - Manager 474-7778
Ripley, Kate Alumni Association Alumni Assoc., president 450-8102
TBD Admin Support      
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