Request a feature on UAF home

screenshot of UAF homepage with feature space highlighted

Information about the featured space:

  • The featured space uses a photo, a header and a short line of text to grab your attention, and direct you to find out more. Other explanations, logos and supporting information/text should be reserved for the website to which the featured space links.
  • UAF Marketing and Communications will determine the best solution for the featured space to ensure it works well on the home page. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback.

* = required response

Must be a UAF-affiliated website to be eligible.

Please make your request at least 3 weeks in advance. UAF Marketing and Communications will schedule your promotion as close to your requested dates as possible.

This helps us determine if the featured space on the UAF home page is an appropriate outlet for your promotion and will aid in choosing the supporting text and graphics. If you have supporting publications or materials, we may ask that you provide them.