UAF web tools and extras


  • UAF Website Design Packet (PDF)
    Site evaluation and planning tools to help you redesign or create a new site from scratch.
  • UAF Website Requirements Checklist (PDF)
    Also found in the website design packet. Check off all the items to meet the basic guidelines.
  • Search engine optimization
    Information on how to improve your web pages so that they are more easily found by search engines and provide quality search results.
  • Subscribe to UAFWEB-L
    This email list is intended for open web discussion among UAF web authors who are developing official UAF sites. Any UAF web developer or coordinator is welcome to join discussions on virtually any topic pertaining to the development or maintenance of an official site whether your department is hosting its own server or is housed on the UAF web server. The latest information about developments on the UAF web server and requests for input start here.
  • Contact the OIT Support Center to request a web account.
  • Help and How-tos for Roxen, UAF's content management system.


These extras are files and coding that can help to make designing your site easier and more consistent with the core UAF web pages. They are not required and most of the extras included here may be used by anyone. The exceptions are noted.

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