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The name University of Alaska Fairbanks, the initials UAF, the UAF logo and the word Nanook(s) are trademarks of the University of Alaska Fairbanks and are reserved for official UAF use.

Use of UAF trademarks for non-UAF promotions, on items for resale or other uses must be approved by Auxiliary and Business Services. Diana Martin, assistant to the director of Auxiliary, Recharge & Contracts, at 907-474-5002 or, or Marketing and Communications at 907-474-5148 for more information.

Marketing and Communications reviews all designs incorporating UAF’s marks that are affixed to promotional items being offered for sale or free distribution to the public. University units must use manufacturers licensed with UAF to purchase clothing or other merchandise. Visit Auxillary and Business Services trademark page to view the current list of active licensees.

Here are some examples of marks which incorporate the ™ symbol:

Nanook ™ logo
UAF ™ logo
Nanooks ™  logo
UAF ™ logo

Nanook bear ™ logo

UAF long ™  logo