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Institutional Identity and Brand Recognition

Memo from the Chancellor

TO: UAF Deans, Directors and Department Heads
FROM: Steve Jones, Chancellor, University of Alaska Fairbanks
DATE: April 19, 2005
SUBJECT: Institutional Identity and Brand Recognition

UAF has established a policy of uniform implementation of the key elements of our institutional identity. To reach our full advancement potential, it is imperative that we are unified and consistent in how we represent our mission, vision and values. I expect each of you to properly use the university's name and logo in all print and electronic communications. I have asked Vice Chancellor Jake Poole to provide oversight.

Included below is UAF's policy relating to proper use of UAF's name and logo. You will find the entire guidelines online at Graphic standards are the cornerstone of all communication efforts and must be used consistently. This is critically important to the image of our institution and will ensure that our employees, our students and the public recognize us as a single entity. Please send questions to

Thank you for your continued support of our comprehensive and accelerated actions to enhance university advancement and community engagement. The rewards of reaching our advancement potential will manifest first in the form of gifts, donations and other philanthropy. However, it is our students and Alaskans who will reap the biggest rewards as we transform philanthropy into fellowships, scholarships, endowed chairs, equipment, facilities and other vehicles for attracting and retaining world-class faculty, recruiting and graduating high quality students, and securing additional grants and contracts.

Graphic Standards and Institutional Identity

To give all UAF communications a professional coherent institutional identity. Graphic standards and institutional identity must be used consistently by all UAF units to be effective.

Graphic standards require consistent use of design elements. UAF's graphic standards define appropriate use of logo, colors and recommended typefaces. Graphic standards, plus editorial and web guidelines, are essential and required components of UAF's institutional identity.

The Office of University Advancement and Community Engagement develops and maintains institutional identity as well as communicating to units how to represent UAF in all electronic and print communications and products in accordance with graphic standards and institutional identity policy.

The university's marks (identifying names and symbol) are trademarked. The administrative policy for licensing use of official UAF marks was adopted on July 24, 1999.

Official Name:
The official and legal name of the institution is the University of Alaska Fairbanks. All documents, publications, ads and presentations produced by UAF units must use this full name. First references to the institution in printed or electronic form should include the full official and legal name.

The UAF Logo:
A unified, consistent use of the UAF name and logo is vitally important. Both need to be visible on every print or electronic publication produced for internal and external audiences. Examples include brochures, catalogs, newsletters, web pages, ads, booklets, fliers, presentations, CDs, letterhead and any other UAF print or electronic document. There are several official layouts approved for business cards, letterhead and envelopes.

UAF has established a trademark licensing program to protect and manage its marks as assets. Trademark registration, licensing and enforcement activities are conducted by the campus office of Intellectual Property and Licensing. Marketing and Communications ensures the integrity of artwork by reviewing and approving items bearing UAF's marks that are offered for sale to the public. Permission will be denied to manufacture items that are deemed inconsistent with the UAF mission or that are perceived as potentially embarrassing or derogatory to the institution, its employees or students. All publications, clothing and other specialty items produced by or on behalf of UAF entities must reflect UAF in a manner that supports its mission and branding objectives as the nation's northernmost Land, Sea and Space Grant university and international research center.

University units must use manufacturers licensed with UAF to produce clothing or other merchandise. An application for businesses to obtain a license to produce merchandise with UAF's name or other marks is available from Intellectual Property and Licensing. For more information contact Diane McLean, Director, Intellectual Property & Licensing, at 474-7765.

More information on UAF's graphic identity is available from Marketing and Communications or online at Web and editorial style guidelines

UAF Chancellor
UAF Vice Chancellor for University Advancement and Community Engagement

Policy Oversight and Enforcement:
UAF Vice Chancellor for University Advancement and Community Engagement
Director for Marketing and Communications
Creative Director, Marketing and Communications