Your department's publications matter. Online or on paper, they represent you to prospective students, employees and donors. Marketing and Communications helps university departments make sure their publications, websites and ads are professional, well-designed and well-written. Guidelines for reviewing print and web publications or text for projects are below. All new requests for publication review should be directed to

We look forward to working with you!

What we can do for you

Copy review

  • Review grammar, clarity and appropriate use of UAF name and EEO statement.
  • Edit for style using the UAF editorial style guidelines.
  • If specified, we can provide a less thorough review, which will only identify those items that must be changed before publication.
  • Turnaround time varies depending on workloads, but these are general guidelines:
    • Quick reviews (one page or less): 2 working days
    • Brochures, small booklets: 3 working days
    • Large projects: contact Marketing and Communications for an estimate
  • Contact Kim Davis ( or 474-6726) to schedule a copy review.

Design review

  • Review for correct use of the UAF logo, colors and appropriate use of UAF name.
  • Review design and make recommendations.
  • Review photos: check Marketing and Communications usage, cutline and credits.
  • Turnaround time varies depending on workloads, but review of projects can generally be turned around within three working days.
    • Trademark usage review: 1 - 2 working days
    • Publication, advertising, signage, banner review: 1 - 2 working days
    • Design review and recommendation: 3 working days
    • Design and production of small projects: 5 - 10 working days. Contact for an estimate.
  • Contact Darcy Harrod (907-474-2611) to schedule a design review.

What we need from your department

  • Your project should be complete and accurate when you give it to us.
  • Give us advance notice of your project, what it is and when it will be available for review. Once a schedule is set, if you miss agreed-upon deadlines, your project will have to be rescheduled depending on Marketing and Communications' workload.
  • Tell us the goal of the project, who the audience is and how your piece will be distributed.
  • In general, send your project via email in one of the following formats. We will provide comments via email, fax, PDF or Word (using track changes).
    • Design review: PDF
    • Editing: PDF or Word file


What we can’t do

Marketing and Communications is not staffed to do the following for other departments:

  • Write copy from scratch.
  • Provide extensive rewrites or revisions.
  • Review copy for accuracy (except for institutional facts). We will check other facts we happen to be aware of, but it is the responsibility of the copy provider to check content for accuracy.