Crisis communication plan

If you have a medical emergency or other emergency call 911.

6. Other Public Relations Considerations

The need for a public fact/media center should be assessed by the first response team or Marketing and Communications director or designee immediately and if deemed necessary, made accessible and set up as soon as possible. Marketing and Communications has a list of possible sites.

Attention to relief and basic human needs (first aid, shelter, drinking water, etc.) comes before problems of material salvage and building maintenance. UAF's Emergency Operations Plan (updated version currently in draft) addresses specifics.

Top officials must have accurate information and be available to talk to employees, students, friends and neighbors to provide UAF services as needed, and facts as required.

Media should be monitored by assigned information officers during a crisis to ensure accuracy of information and timely corrections made as needed.

Financial relief - board of regents/legal counsel consideration will be required in some cases to:

  1. Pay families of deceased.
  2. Pay insurance benefits.
  3. Pay for transportation of body (bodies).
  4. Allow students to telephone families at no cost.
  5. Provide free alternate housing for affected students.

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