Marketing and Communications
310 Eielson Building
403 Salcha Street
P.O. Box 757505
907-474-6283 (fax)

Marketing and Communications is a division of University and Student Advancement.

Brand resources

Want to learn more?

Here are a few resources we came across while embarking on this project.

  • Brand IQ Assessment tool (PDF)
  • Brand Planning (PDF) by Kevin Lane Keller
  • Differentiate or Die: Survival in Our Era of Killer Competition by Jack Trout
  • House of Brands or Branded House, from Higher Ed Marketing and Branding.
  • IMC The Next Generation: Five Steps for Delivering Value and Measuring Returns Using Marketing Communication by Don Shultz and Heidi Shultz
  • The Myth of Excellence: Why Great Companies Never Try to Be the Best at Everything by Fred Crawford and Ryan Matthews
  • SimpsonScarborough web resources

For more information contact UAF's Strategic Marketing Committee at