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Marketing and Communications is a division of University and Student Advancement.


What is the purpose of the branding project?

Why do we need to review and refine our image?

Doesn't UAF already have a brand with its current logo and the use of "America's Arctic University"?

But how can one brand possibly represent UAF in its entirety?

Who's involved in the project?

Why is this a priority now?

Can department logos continue to be used?

Are we going to have to redesign, reprint or throw out all of our publications, brochures, etc.? If so, is there a budget for that?

What UAF logo is currently in use? If I'm designing something now that will be used for a while, what logo should I use?

Who's paying for this and what will it cost?

Still have questions?

If you have additional questions about the branding project, please send them to the Strategic Marketing Committee at