The late Maggie Gilbert's performance of "The Blind Man and the Loon" in Gwich'in was tape recorded by Craig Mishler at Maggie's house in Arctic Village, Alaska, April 21, 1973. Also present at the telling was Maggie's husband James Gilbert. The story was transcribed by Kenneth and Caroline Frank with additional assistance from Fannie Gemmill-- see Chapter Four of the book, The Blind Man and the Loon: the Story of a Tale, for the transcribed text and a biographical sketch of Maggie.

Walter Titus's "Blind Man and the Loon" was recorded in English and Lower Tanana by Karen McPherson at Minto, Alaska, on August 31, 1972. Oral History Collection, Rasmuson Library, University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Tape H91-12-68. Songs and Legends series, Volume 93, Track 2. The English version, told first, is about 7 minutes long; however, the Lower Tanana language version which follows is less than 3 minutes. Titus was born in Nenana in 1909 and moved to Minto when he married in 1923. Walter was born on March 31, 1909 and passed away in February 1981. He learned the story from his grandmother Sarah. See other Minto versions in Rooth (1971). Posted online with permission from the Rasmuson Library.

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