Siri Tuttle

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Alaska Native Language Center

419 Brooks Building


Fax 474-6586


Research Interests

  • Athabascan languages
  • Acoustic phonetics, phonology, morphology
  • Interfaces: phonology-morphology, phonetics-morphology, syntax-morphology
  • Documentation and description
  • Reference materials for less commonly taught languages

Classes Taught at UAF

  • Nature of Language
  • Phonetics and Phonology (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Morphology and Syntax (graduate)
  • Alaska Native Languages (Indian Languages)
  • Introduction to Athabascan Languages (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Athabascan literacy


Curriculum Vitae


Recent Projects

  • Ahtna Texts (with James Kari)
  • Lower Tanana Dictionary and Literacy
  • Minto Songs

Recent Writing

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