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UAF Theses: Muskoxen
Biddlecomb, M. E. 1992 
Comparative pattern of winter habitat use by muskoxen and caribou in northern Alaska - M. S.

Bos, G. N. 1967 
Range Types and Their Utilization by Muskox on Nunivak Island, Alaska. - M. S.

Danks, F. S. 2000
Potential muskox habitat in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska: a GIS analysis - M.S.

Fleischman, C. L. 1986 
Genetic Variation in Muskoxen Ovibos Moschatus. - M.S.

Groves, P. 1995
The takin and muskox: a molecular and ecological evaluation of relationship - Ph.D.

Ihl, C. 1999 
Comparative habitat and diet selection of muskoxen and reindeer on the Seward Peninsula, western Alaska - M.S.

Jingfors, K. T. 1981 
Habitat Relationships and Activity Patterns of a Reintroduced Muskox Population. - M.S.

Knott, K. K. 2005 
Growth and nutritional development of reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) and muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus) - M.S.

Lawler, J. P. 2002
Heat increment and methane production by muskoxen fed browse - Ph.D.

McLean, B. D. 1996 
Yersiniosis As a Mortality Factor of Muskoxen on Banks Island, NWT, Canada. - M.S.

O'Brien, C. M. 1988 
Characterization of Muskox Habitat in Northeastern Alaska. - M.S.

Ott, J. T. 1998 
Parasitic helminths of muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus) from Banks Island, Northwest Territories, Canada - M.S.

Peltier, T. C. 2003 
Effects of season, sex, and dietary nitrogen on muskoxen - M.S.

Reynolds, P. C. E. 1998 
Ecology of a Reestablished Population of Muskoxen in Northeastern Alaska. - Ph.D.

Robertson, M. A. 2000 
Maximizing qiviut growth in muskoxen - M.S.

Robus, M. A. 1981 
Muskox Habitat and Use Patterns in Northeastern Alaska. - M.S.

Rombach, E. P. 2001 
Trace mineral reserves for reproduction and development in muskoxen - M.S.

Swor, R. M. 2003 
The effect of a low copper diet on muskox calf immune function and health - M.S.

Tiplady, B. A. 1990 
Effects of milk intake, growth, and suckling efficiency on suckling behavior of muskox (Ovibos moschatus) calves - M.S.

Wilson, K. J. 1992
Spatial scales of muskox resource selection in late winter - M.S. 

UAF Theses: Caribou
Chan-McLeod, A. C. Allaye 1991 
Physiological and ecological determinants of nutrient partitioning in caribou and reindeer - Ph.D.

Barten, N. L. 1998 
Habitat use by parturient and nonparturient caribou of the Mentasta Caribou Herd - M.S.

Floyd, J. P. 1987 
Heart Rate As an Indicator of Oxygen Consumption During Auditory and Visual Stimulation of Caribou (Rangifer Tarandus). - M.S.

Gerhart, K. L. 1995
Nutritional and ecological determinants of growth and reproduction in caribou - Ph.D.

Maier, J. A. K. 1996 
Ecological and physiological aspects of caribou activity and responses to aircraft overflights - Ph.D.

UAF Theses: Reindeer
Chan-McLeod, A. C. Allaye 1991
Physiological and ecological determinants of nutrient partitioning in caribou and reindeer - Ph.D.

Bevins, J. S. 1993 
Detection and control of brucellosis in reindeer vaccinated with Brucella suis biovar 3 - Ph.D.

Blanchard, J. M. 1983 
The Turnover of 75-Selenium-Selenomethionine As an Indicator of the Status of Protein Metabolism in Reindeer (Rangifer Tarandus) - Ph.D.

Cameron, R. D. 1972 
Water Metabolism by Reindeer (Rangifer Tarandus). - Ph.D.

Erickson, C. A. 1972 
Some Preliminary Observations on the Acoustic Behavior of Semi-Domestic Reindeer, Rangifer Tarandus Tarandus, With Emphasis on I - M.S.

Ihl, C. 1999 
Comparative habitat and diet selection of muskoxen and reindeer on the Seward Peninsula, western Alaska - M.S.

Knott, K. K. 2005 
Growth and nutritional development of reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) and muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus) - M.S.

Moore, J. T. 1982 
Factors Affecting Grazing Patterns of Reindeer on Summer Tundra Ranges.

Morton, J. K. 1989 
Brucella Suis Type 4 in Foxes and Their Role As Reservoirs/Vectors Among Reindeer. - Ph.D.

Oderkirk, S. E. 1998 
Clinical pathology of intensively managed reindeer - M.S.

Pegau, R. E. 1968 
Reindeer Range Appraisal in Alaska. - M.S.

Prowse, D. L. 1981 
Effects of Antler Removal on Rutting Behavior of Reindeer (Rangifer Tarandus ). - M.S.

Stimmelmayr, R. 2001 
Daily meal patterns, voluntary food intake and fattening of reindeer during winter and responses to insulin - Ph.D.

LARS peer review articles and book chapters
Suttie, J. M., White, R. G., Manley, T. R., Breier, B. H., Gluckman, P. D., Fennessy, P. F.,  and Woodford, K. 1993.
Insulin-like growth factor1 and growth seasonality in reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) -- comparisons with temperate and tropical cervids.
Rangifer 13:91-97.

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Endocrine changes and luteal morphology during pregnancy in muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus).
J. Reproduction and Fertility 99:7-13.

Murphy, S. M., White, R. G., Kugler, B. A., Kitchens, J. A., Smith, M. D., and Barber, D. S.  1993.
Behavioral effects of jet aircraft on caribou in Alaska
(pp. 475-486). In Noise and Man '93. Proc. 6th Intl. Cong. Noise as a Public Health Problem. Nice, France. July 5-9.

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Predicting energy expenditure of caribou using activity counts: Potential use in disturbance studies.
Rangifer 13:117-119.

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Calving success of female caribou in relation to body weight.
Can. J. Zool. 71:480-486.

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Pulsatile growth hormone secretion during the breeding season in male reindeer and its association with hypophagia and weight loss.
Gen. Comp. Endocrin. 85:36-42.

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Introduction to a workshop: Bioenenergetics and estimation of carrying capacity. In The Biology of Deer.
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Introduction to workshop theme: caribou body composition and breeding biology.

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Validation and sensitivity analysis of the Porcupine caribou herd model (pp. 334-355).
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Photoperiod associated changes in insulin-like growth factor 1 in reindeer.
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Shipping reindeer from Brucella suis biovar IV-infected herds; problems and solutions.

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Influence of foraging ecology on alimentary size and function of Svalbard reindeer.
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Overwinter survival of orphan caribou, Rangifer tarandus, calves.
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Potential effects of global warming on calving caribou (pp460-463).
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The Muskox.
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Comparison of energy metabolism in relation to daily activity and milk consumption by caribou and muskox calves.
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Distortion correction in open circuit respiration systems.
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Variation in quality of caribou and reindeer forage plants associated with season, plant part, and phenology.
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Seasonal concentrations of 137cesium in rumen content, skeletal muscles, and feces of caribou from the Porcupine herd.
In Proceedings of the 5th International Reindeer/Caribou Symposium.
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An experimental satellite collar for muskoxen.
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Determination of digesta fill and passage rate from nonabsorbed particulate phase markers using the single dosing method.
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Faculty Research

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