Our Russian Studies program is a very intensive look into contemporary and traditional Russian society. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has changed quickly and in ways never before imagined.Our program examines those changes and the reasons behind them.

The Department of Foreign Languages offers an undergraduate major and minor in Russian Language and in Russian Studies. The latter includes courses in language and literature, as well as courses in anthropology, geography, history and political science. Because of Alaska's unique past as a colony of the Russian Empire and its geographical proximity to Siberia, UAF is an ideal location for Russian Studies. With new ties being established with the Far East and Siberia, our students will have greater access to Russia and its people.

UAF has an exchange program with Yakutsk State University, and students may arrange to study for credit in St. Petersburg and/or Moscow.

For a look at the courses in the Russian program, see our course catalog.

**IMPORTANT: Beginning students considering a major or minor in Russian Studies or Foreign Languages are advised to enroll in RUSS 101 and/or RUSS 102. Unlike other beginning study options, these courses meet the Perspectives on the Human Condition and Foreign Language major and minor requirements. Contact Russian Studies faculty for more information.**


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