Foreign Languages Enlivens "We Are CLA" 2016!
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Mallory Wetherington Named Outstanding Senior in Foreign Languages 2016 

 Mallory Wetherington, a Russian Studies major, was chosen as the FL Outstanding Student last academic year, 2015-2016. She graduated with honors in May 2016, and has been our Russian Club President and a tutor of Russian.

Outstanding Senior in Foreign Languages, 2015

Congratulations to Ayshe Yaeger, student of Japanese, for winning this year's Outstanding Senior award.

Outstanding Student in Foreign Languages, 2015

Congratulations to Samai Munoz, student of French and Spanish, for being this year's Outstanding Student in Foreign Languages.

Outstanding Student in Foreign Languages 2011-12

Stephen Thomas

The Department of Foreign Languages has chosen Stephen Thomas as the Outstanding Student in Foreign Languages for the 2011-2012 year.  As a graduating senior in Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish, Stephen has distinguished himself through extraordinary dedication in his academic studies, his job as a language tutor, and also as a teaching assistant to beginning-level classes. Congratulations to Stephen for his hard work and academic success!

Outstanding Student in Foreign Languages 2010-11

Travis Majdic

The Department of Foreign Languages has selected Travis Majdic as the 2010-11 Outstanding Student in Foreign Languages.  A graduating senior in Japanese Studies, he was chosen for the award because of his active involvement with the language program and the Japanese Club, as well as his overall academic excellence.  Congratulations, Travis!


Outstanding Student in Foreign Languages 2009-10

Michael Farrell

The Department of Foreign Languages has chosen Michael Farrell as the Outstanding Student in Foreign Languages for 2009-10.  He is a senior Foreign Languages major with a concentration in German, and he has been president of the German Club for the past 2 years.  Congratulations to Michael for his academic achievements!

Foreign Languages Faculty Recognized for Excellence in Teaching

Chisato Murakami (Instructor of Japanese) and Odile Bastille (Lecturer of French) were nominated by students from the Honors Program for the Robert Picenza Excellence in Teaching Award this spring.  Of the total seven nominees that the Honors Program recognized this year, two of them came from our very own department!

Dr. Robert Picenza was a math professor at UAF and a member of the UAF Honors Program Faculty Council back in1980's. After Dr. Picenza's sudden death from stroke at the young age of 53, the students of the Honors Program wanted to honor him as an exceptional teacher who had made a big difference in their lives. The students created the Robert Picenza Excellence In Teacher Award 17 years ago. Each year the students in the honors program nominate and vote on an outstanding teacher for this award. All nominated faculty are recognized for their excellence in teaching at the Honors Program's Excellence in Teaching Luncheon in April.

Congratulations to Odile and Chisato!

Russian Club Event Nov. 18th!

Faculty and students met on Thursday, Nov. 18 to skype with students at Yakutsk University in Russia, Fairbanks' sister city. The session took place at the Foreign Language Lab (Gruening rm. 609) at 7:00PM.

Faculty Publications


  • My article "Nietzsche's Influence on Bakhtin's Aesthetics of Grotesque Realism" published in Comparative Literature and Culture 11.2 (2009): has been downloaded 258 times.
  • Some words about my book Saluting Aron Gurevich Essays in History, Literature and Other Related Subjects from the President of Medieval Academy of America, Distinguished Professor of History, UCLA, Patrick Geary:  "This extraordinarily rich and multifaceted volume presents a comprehensive introduction to this great scholar’s life and work. Much more than a traditional Gedenkschrift , the editors have provided us with a first rate document in the intellectual history of twentieth century Russia and Europe."

Email for further information.


“ The Role of Art in the Cultural Competition between Germans and Italians in the Sixteenth Century. Johann Fischart’s Response to Giorgio Vasari’s Le vite de' più eccellenti pittori, scultori e architettori (1568).A translation from German into English with an introduction.  Simiolus (English-language journal devoted to the history of Dutch and Flemish art of the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries,University of Utrecht), 2015.   In Press.

Email for further information.

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